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Our Lady of Visitation opens for business!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Our Lady of Visitation Dedication Speech:

Good Morning!

They say it takes a village, and truly it has been the work of our global village and the whisper of the Holy Spirit that has taken your dream of better maternal healthcare and made it a reality. You, the people of Dandora identified compassionate maternity services right here in your own community, as one of your top priorities.

Our Lady of Visitation is built on the foundation of your dreams. It is built through the power of a shared vision of new life born with respect and dignity.

Through collaborative efforts, New Dawn Africa grew the hope of a Maternal Child Health Center from an idea into a solid reality. Together with the St. Monicas Catholic Community and the University of Notre Dame we partnered with Holy Cross Dandora to pursue our common goal: to bring quality dignity based services to Dandora.

Like Mary's visit to Elizabeth in her time of expectant waiting, we travel a great distance to visit you as family. Like Elizabeth, you're on the brink of new life. We accompany you as you labor toward a future pregnant with renewed hope and a new dawn for dignity based compassionate care. We leap with joy in anticipation as we're graced with the privilege of sharing this transformational time with you. Together, we stand in solidarity with you in your desire for your children to enter this world with a chance to thrive.

I give special thanks to my constant partner in inspiration, Dr. Christy Tabit Evans. Thank you Father Bob Dowd and the Ford Family for your vision for healthy human development and ongoing concern and care for East Africa. To my friend and beloved shepherd Msgr Lloyd Torgerson I thank you for leading me to Dandora and all its gifts. Father Andrew Massawe, you are truly the Dandora superhero. Yesterday you claimed this achievement as God's providence; YOU are the face of God in Dandora. Your light shines brightly on this community. You dared to dream big for them and you work relentlessly on their behalf.

I am so very grateful to my family for being here: Mark, Christy, Brandon, Luke, Tyler and Justin. I love you all so, so much!

I give special thanks to all of you here in Dandora who have welcomed us as your own family.

I lift you up in prayer and thanksgiving.

I echo these words from Archbishop Romero:

...we plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise....it's an opportunity for the Lord's grace to enter and do the rest...

The greatest joy in my life has been becoming a mother. My dream is for us all to watch Dandora bloom, renewed with the miracle and joy of new life.

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