• Jill Origer Tabit

DAWN Summer Update

Dear Friends of Dandora,


Together our team, with your support, completed Our Lady of Visitation Maternal Child Health Center. It's officially dedicated, ready to facilitate the miracle of new life: safe and healthy life, delivered with dignity into the world!

Much has happened at Visitation in Dandora the past several months!

First of all, the construction phase is complete!

In May I joined Jeremy and Joe Newhouse and Mike Muelken from MATTER to move in the medical equipment and supplies from the containers (shipped from Minnesota) into Our Lady of Visitation. Dozens of people from Holy Cross Parish and the community came out to help!

We're thrilled to have Dr. Anne N'dungu as Hospital Administrator. Under her leadership Visitation promises to deliver the best care possible with compassion and dignity.

On June 11, 2016 the Maternal Child Health Center officially opened!

With plenty of singing, dancing, prayers of thanksgiving, and of course food,

the celebration was a special day for Dandora.

I want to personally say thank you for trusting us to be good stewards of your resources.

More people will be helped from your abundance of gifts than you will ever know.

Thanks to all of you for your support and your belief in the success of this project.

Without a doubt, Our Lady of Visitation will save lives!

Here's the latest news:

Phase I Labor and Delivery services on the first floor is now operational.

Phase II will encompass the completion of equipping the second floor, hiring additional staff and the beginning of pediatric and dental services. The target for Phase II is fall of 2016.

The operating theatre will also be available at that time for C-sections and other surgical procedures for women.

On behalf of the people of Dandora, thank you so much for your ongoing support! You are truly making the world a better place!


Jill Origer Tabit


Dandora Africa Wellness Network, Inc.

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