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Wellness in Dandora

The Joy of motherhood!

It has been an awesome journey for the Bro. Andre Medical Centre (BAMC) and especially for Our Lady of Visitation Maternity Wing which has delivered more than 400 hundred babies since March the 14th this year. The journey has not been without its hiccups but certainly the experience of bringing children into the world in a clean and safe setting overrides the challenges.

The facility endears itself to the community by striving to ensure quality and affordable healthcare with an understanding that the community which it serves is one which is majorly lower middle class and slum dwellers. The satisfaction of seeing the happy mothers makes us all the more grateful to be part of these experiences. Every new life should count and every child deserves a chance at survival; this is the bottom line for Our Lady of Visitation Maternity wing.

Going forward, the facility expects that the quality and friendly service will market us greatly and our reach in the Community will

be extensive.Bro. Andre Medical Centre Staff have to be warm and welcoming to endear themselves to all the clients. It is understood that great customer care goes a long way in rendering customer satisfaction.

Bro. Andre Medical Centre (BAMC) has reorganized its services on Child Welfare clinics, ante Natal visits, Comprehensive Care Clinics and even Physiotherapy to enhance turnover time and quality care. Feedback on this undertaking is positive.

Elections in Kenya come with challenges of contested results and this time was no exception. Dandora has been one of the hotspots for Post- Election violence so we partnered with MSF (Medicine Sans Frontiers) during that period and we were able to attend to some of the victims of the violence that ensued within the Community after the Presidential declaration. The election was deemed void by the Supreme court and stipulated that there should be a re-election within 60 days. This may have been an indication of democratic progress but it brings uncertain times for the population. The re- election is scheduled for 26th October and the uncertainty creates economic difficulties for Kenya at large and we in Dandora have also seen a downturn in our numbers.

On 31st July 2017 Afya Jijini facilitated a CME (Continuous Medical Education) on Neonatal Resuscitation which is key in the outcome of a baby born with Asphyxia (inability to breath at birth) followed by a presentation by Ms. Roxin a midwife at the Centre on meconium stain & its management.

BAMC is fortunate to have enthusiasts who are committed to ensuring that the community here gets the best healthcare possible at a cost that is not beyond their reach. We continue to welcome all who have made this dream a reality. We also welcomed the Irish Ambassador to Kenya Dr. Vincent O’Neill to BAMC in July and he was impressed at the high standard of the facility. The Ambassador is a medical doctor who had worked in Africa before joining the Irish Diplomatic Service.

The management at BAMC are anxious to have an active CPD programme. This we do through in-house and external experts in many facets of medical management and other essential services.

We anticipate to develop a library for the BAMC as part of professional development already stated. We are extremely grateful to Hannah for the kind donation of medical books.

Emma Forte visited when she was on Health Practicals in Uganda

Emma is a member of Santa Monica Parish, California and she became friends with Sylvia when she visited Holy Cross Parish, Dandora with 2012 Travelers from her Parish.

The Board of Governors have been appointed by the Trustees, The Congregation of Holy Cross. The Board will act on behalf of the Trustees to oversee the functioning and governance at BAMC. The Board of Governors include Fr. Pat Neary, Fr. Alex Okidi, Major Dr. Gachiri, Mr. Allan Mugeni (advocate) Jill Tabit (President-NewDAWN) Ms.RinaHanrahan Chairperson. and Sr Magdeline Kamau, Archdiocese representative

Ultra Sound and Dental services will enhance community reach

The management hopes to develop the services on first floor in 2018. The draft plan will be submitted to the Board for review and approval before the end of 2017. These include X-ray and Dental services which is also a great need in the community based on the enquiries made.

2017 Santa Monica Travellers listen keenly to the Administrator, Joe

This year saw various visitors who have a great interest and have been instrumental in setting up of the current infrastructure at BAMC and especially Our Lady of Visitation Maternity wing. On June 12th we welcomed visitors from Santa Monica, California lead by Monsignor Lloyd Torgerson who continues his great passion for supporting Dandora.

On June 26th we received visitors from Notre Dame University, Ford Family Foundation and Northwestern University. On both occasions the management made presentations on programs at BAMC. We also shared some clinical data on the health of the babies. On 30th June Ms. Anne Bergman of March to the Top visited the Centre for a progress update on the services offered.


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