• Dr. Christy Evans

This year give Mom the gift of Compassion!

Delivering quality compassionate healthcare is at the foundation of what we are striving to achieve at Brother Andre Medical Centre. The doctors and nurses who care for new mothers and their babies are not only competent in their respective fields, but bring a caring, loving presence to their patients. But why do we care about this? Isn't it enough to treat patients safely and with evidence-based therapies?

Stephen Trzeciak's TED Talk discusses why compassion is so important in healthcare. He emphasizes that compassion in healthcare doesn't just leave patients feeling cared for and listened to, but highlights studies that actually show that it results in better care overall - better outcomes, better quality care, lower healthcare costs, and happier, more fulfilled doctors and nurses with the stamina to continue providing that compassionate care.

Your gift to New DAWN Africa supports the gift of compassion in healthcare in Dandora!

Take a listen...


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